Goddess Initiation Retreat

Sacred Feminine Wisdom Initiation 

The focus of the Sacred Feminine initiation is "embodiment"..
Embodying our spirituality and our femininity as we create a new narratives as Afrakan Women, Mothers and Divine Beings.
This initiation is about joining things that were never meant to be apart: the mind and body, our power and our vulnerability, the “self” and the “other.”
We will learn, discuss, and experience what it means to be an "embodied" woman in this world, at this time.

I invite you to join me - Iya Abiye Mawusi Ashshakir and an intimate group of 10 other women, as we reflect, breathe, learn, and move our way to the awareness of the Sacred Feminine within us all.

Our journey will unfold through monthly zoom meeting over a course of four months and culminate through a 4 day in person retreat.  We will honor the sacred, ritualize the profound and give birth to Woman's Womb Culture....

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Mawusi Ashshakir Traditional Midwife, Guardian Director

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