Wholistic Lactation Consultant

The Mothership Wholistic Lactation Consultation Certification Program focuses in on the Mother and her ability to produce healthy nutritious milk.

Course Summary

The Mothership's Certification Programs were designed to meet the highest level standards of professionalism in the field of womb work. You will receive a curriculum that is culturally relevant and experience-based wisdom from Traditional Midwives. In this Womb Wellness Certification, you will also explore anatomy and healing methods through our robust multi-media library and video lectures. All books and supporting materials relevant to the class are included.   In this Wholistic Postpartum Recovery Companion course you can begin immediately, taking the classes on your own time with this online platform. You can also join one of our study retreats to get the information in person.

The Mothership's Wholistic Lactation Companions work to support parents in doing what comes naturally.  Many parents experience the newness of breast feeding and welcome the support of a lactation companion / Sista-friend.  
This unique class also trains its companions to use natural methods, herbs and food to keep mother and baby healthy and happy.  
Together, in this extensive multimedia class, we explore the consequences that we have suffered by feeding our children commercial products, and we create solutions that will make a big impact on the babies latch and mamas position for feeding.  Our experience-based curriculum trains lactation consultants to support mothers in alleviating common issues associated with feeding.  We equip our Companion Aninti with the tools they need to support Mamas in achieving a bond that will last a life time.  

Certification Requirements 

A Wholistic Lactation Consultant's role is crucial to getting a mother started off right and helping her stay with it. You will be able to help her translate her babies cues and perfect the breastfeeding latch.  This certification also goes deep into breast health and disorders, helping you to become effective in navigating through feeding issues.  

To complete this certification:
To be a serious women's health facilitator, serious research and extensive study is expected. Completing this certification requires:
1. Completion of the core curriculum course
2. Writing a review of a fertility based book, researching a womb health issue that specifically effects Black Women, and critiquing a podcast, article or video based upon womb health.
3. Working with three women who have used your services and writing their womb stories.

Mawusi Ashshakir Traditional Midwife, Guardian Director

The Mothership Institute 

“Mothers and babies form an inseparable biological and social unit; the health and nutrition of one group cannot be divorced from the health and nutrition of the other.”  

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