Herbalism for Birth Workers INTENSIVE

Sunday, 16 April 2023
10:00 AM EDT

Live Class Session has ended now.


The Mothership Institute trains all of its birthworkers in the tradition of birthwork to use natural therapies and herbs to support the process of strengthening and healing. Using herbs to promote fertility, to rebalance hormonal disorders, and to alleviate uterine disorders. We use herbs throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period. Join us live as we delve into the secret life of plants and learn: What herbs to use during the childbearing stages, how to make herbal preparations and how to use preparations effectively.

Building an Herbal Arcenal

learn the natural chemical constituents with in each plant and what makes it be effective in healing the human body. 

Exploring the human body 

learning anatomy and how natural therapies work to effect change.  

Understanding how herbs can maintain health during pregnancy

How to use herbs for health maintainance and eliminating the threats of disorder.

Herbal blends 

blending herbs for effectiveness during pregnancy 

Creating Our Own Herbal Arcenal 

Medicine making and case study

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